CNC Fixtures


Automation Design Group Inc. has successfully established a reputation for delivering top quality workholding fixtures for horizontal machining centres, vertical machining centres and also CNC lathe/turning centres, resulting in improved product quality and reduced cycle times for our customers.
The fixtures incorporate hydraulic, pneumatic or manual clamping and can include features such as correct part seating confirmation, part present confirmation and capability for automatic/robotic loading and unloading.
Our designs are completed in full 3D solid modeling, allowing valuable client involvement and input at the concept stage and giving confidence that all issues have been addressed. Special attention is given to:


Ease of loading/unloading
Cutter access
Clamping force
Nest rigidity
Chip shedding
Use of standard purchased components



Automation Equipment


With over 30 years’ experience, Automation Design Group Inc. is a proven leader in the design of automated equipment. From simple stand-alone manually loaded machines to multi-station cells incorporating auto-load and unload features, these systems have consistently resulted in reduced manufacturing costs and improved product quality. All important factors are considered during the design stage, including ease of loading and unloading, maintenance, operator safety and future upgrades or additions. Where possible our designs incorporate standard purchased components to ensure a well- designed solution that is robust and economical.


Typical Equipment:

Functional testing
Marking systems
Machine loading and unloading
Pick and place assemblies
Leak testing
Palletized assembly lines
Custom material conveying


Weld Fixtures


Automation Design Group Inc. has extensive experience in the design of welding fixtures for robotic and manual welding applications.

Our solutions have varied from manually clamped fixturing to complex tooling, incorporating part detection, powered clamping and multiple part type nesting. Our fixtures can be flat table top, free-standing or rotary trunnion type.

Full 3D design allows us to accurately visualize complex assemblies in order to evaluate important factors such as:

Torch access
Nest adjustability
Weld spatter protection
Robot reach study
Ease of loading/unloading
Fixture weight - Fixture centre of gravity


End Of Arm Tooling


Using 3D CAD software enables us to perform robot reach studies easily and effectively, also identifying potential crash points, especially in applications where there are space constraints.

Our EOAT designs have won recognition from two very important groups: our customers and our peers. In 2003 Automation Design Group was the Grand Prize Winner of the Javelin Technologies/ SolidWorks Cool Design Award for our complex End of Arm Tooling for auto loading of multiple machines within an automated work cell. This was the first year that the winning design was selected by the peer group of SolidWorks designers in attendance rather than a small panel of judges.


Our End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) has been used on a wide range of applications including:

Machine loading/unloading
Cut-off applications